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New Single! "From the Sea"

LIVE @ Red Rocks 2018 (From the Sea)

Slow Coast II

A collage of my reactions to the positive and negative waves washing over me during the last few months of this changing tide in our history, coalescing into a coastal cruise through the frequencies of my mind.

New Single! "All You Get"

New Single! "See You Again"

LIVE @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Celebrating with my band and 9000 of my best friends in Colorado, September 2017.

All Good Radio, Ep. 07 --> Michal Menert

Here's a mix I did for All Good Radio, featuring a ton of new and unreleased material, along with some favorites from my friends and stuff I've been listening to lately!

Slow Coast

Here's my sample based return to the moody hip hop instrumental format for a low key departure from your winter worries. This EP was started on the road, in headphones, and the feel is one of traveling homeward, but there exists a coastal overtone of the moments washing away.

The Pretty Fantastics - 1

The debut studio album from my six-piece live band is "like nothing you've ever heard from Menert. With beautiful melodic structure, vocals from Michal himself, and playfully inventive lyricism, this LP takes a leap in an exciting new indie direction."

Video - Your Ghost

Space Jazz

"While it's soul and hip-hop backbone is cohesive with his existing catalogue, without regard to custom or trends, Michal Menert shows us what new realms of possibilities open up when we reach for the stars."

Video - Michal Menert Big Band


Elements is a tribute to alchemy, the transformation of matter. I always believed that sampling has the potential to transform a dusty, forgotten moment into a vibrant landscape of fantastic impossibilities. Music has an alchemic property, transforming silence into song, nothing into something. I chose Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, the four basic element of alchemy, as seeds for these songs.